Complete service activities


The aim of INT CZ Ltd. is to ensure the comfortable operation of technical building equipment with low operating costs leading to saving energy and minimizing investments into repairs and maintenance.


  • Regular and operational service
  • Regular monitoring of cooling circuits according to Act 483/2008 Coll. including the issuance of registration book of inspections
  • Regular operability inspection according to the regulation 246/2001 Coll.
  • Regular inspection of fire dampers and other devices according to the regulation 246/2001 Coll.
  • The part of inspections is the issuance of registration book of inspections for each device or the confirmation in such book
  • Measurement and adjustment of HVAC systems equipment to required parameters or according to health regulations
  • Putting HVAC systems into operation
  • 24/7 maintenance
  • Remote maintenance


  • Minimal expenses to own human resources for equipment maintenance
  • Trouble-free operation of the equipment - lower cost to repair or replacement
  • Observance of hygiene regulations, quality microclimate in your premises - ensuring pleasant conditions to high employee performance and technology
  • Protection of your investments, ensuring a long-term and reliable operation
  • Economical operation in terms of energy savings
  • Prevention of losses incurred by the failure of equipment, such as production interruptions
  • Ensuring of inspections according to legal regulations for operation of technical building equipment, such as fire safety equipment according to the regulation 246/2001 Coll., cooling circuits according to Act 483/2008 Coll. and other legislative provisions
  • For non-compliant devices providing timely repair, including technical expertise, technical documentation and subsequent installation

To fulfill the high demands of our customers we provide them with experienced, trained technicians. To ensure high-quality maintenance, we cooperate with renowned manufacturers of HVAC devices. Our technicians are trained to provide authorized maintenance and installation.